Courageous Leadership with Virginia Prodan

#140 — Welcome to America! - Virginia Prodan

November 12, 2022

Welcome to America!      Virginia Prodan 

        Virginia Prodan  is an - International Human Rights attorney who experienced the cruelties of Socialism, defended Christians and human rights cases in Socialist Romania; ; Host of Courageous Leadership with Virginia Prodan  Podcast; Writer; International Key Not Speaker; and the Author of #SavingMyAssassin - published by Tyndale House Publishers.

Hear Virginia Prodan 's story and journey from Socialism and Communism in Romania to America.     Be encouraged by her fight for religious Freedom under persecution - arrest; daily interrogations; house arrest and even as the Dictator N. Ceuasescu sent an assassin to her law office to kill her.

Virginia Prodan  fights for religious freedom now in America - at her law office - or as an Allied Attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).

You too have a role and a voice in protecting religious freedom.

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America is in deep trouble. Socialism is not the solution for America. Together we can bring Freedom and Christ back to America!

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